Global Animal Welfare Assurance

Global Animal Welfare Assurance (GAWA) is an alliance of experienced and trusted higher farmed animal welfare assurance schemes with many years of experience and specialised knowledge of animal welfare, farming practices and auditing processes.
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This is a fantastic initiative which brings together like-minded higher welfare farm assurance schemes with the aim to improve the lives of farmed animals all over the world. By sharing best practice and expertise it is expected that Global Animal Welfare Assurance will facilitate the development of authentically higher-welfare schemes based on science-led standards, and ensure the validity of welfare claims made by food businesses.

Dr. Siobhan Mullan - European Specialist in Animal Welfare Science at Bristol University Vet School

From the Blog

This alliance of higher-welfare schemes is a significant global initiative that can help consumers and the food supply chain source products from animals that have had an opportunity for a good life.